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Tree Service Cleveland Ohio

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Are you looking to have a tree removed, or a lot cleared but don't know who to call? Or do you simply need assistance with trimming and maintaining your existing trees? If so, you can easily benefit from the services of a licensed tree professional.

Certified tree professionals offer a range of tree maintenance services that help you take control of the health of your trees and maintain them in a way that's comfortable for you, your home or commercial property, your lifestyle, and your landscape. What's more, professional tree experts can also provide feedback on how to upcycle your trees for a new purpose, if you decide to have them removed.

About Us

Our Tree Experts of Cleveland are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality tree services and solutions available to our valued communities in Cleveland and Lakewood. Our approach to tree care begins with our commitment to your satisfaction and our love for trees and their overall wellbeing. We want to promote the health and safety of all trees, landscapes, and our clients, and do so through our professional services that are brought directly to you at an affordable price.

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    Affordable Tree Service Cleveland Ohio

    Our unique range of quality tree service Cleveland residents desire was designed with your tree care and tree needs in mind. Our goal is to promote the health and safety of all trees in the Cleveland area, and we believe in doing so through adequate tree maintenance, tree services, and our dedicated attention to your trees. We offer our services to both residential and commercial properties who are looking for a helping hand when it comes to managing the trees in your surrounding landscape. We can provide everything from the best tree removal in Cleveland, Ohio, to stump grinding and stump removal, to even tree trimming, tree pruning, and wood chipping services.

    • Reduce hazardous situations in your property
    • Superior pricing for any tree service
    • Our team will work with you on achieving the best outcome for your specific needs
    tree removal Cleveland
    tree trimming Cleveland Ohio
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    Tree Removal

    Tree removal Cleveland Ohio services are designed to help you clear out and get rid of any unwanted trees that stand in the way or pose a potential risk to your landscape. We can safely and efficiently remove trees of all shapes and sizes and do so in a way that prevents damage to your landscape, your other trees, and your property. If you have a diseased or decaying tree, you'll want to remove it as quickly as possible to avoid having the disease spread to other trees.

    Tree Trimming & Pruning

    Tree trimming and tree pruning services are available to maintain the length and fullness of your trees. When your trees become too dense or their limbs extend too far, this can lead to extra weight being carried on your trees, causing more shading and a potential hazard to your building structures. It can also result in more debris cleanup when the seasons change and the limbs begin to shed. We can scale back your trees by trimming the limbs, removing dead or dying limbs, and reducing or lift the crown.

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    wood chipper service Cleveland
    Lakewood Tree Service

    Stump Grinding
    & Removal

    Stump grinding and removal services allow you to get rid of that unwanted stump that's just lingering on your lawn. Stumps can be tricky to remove because they require dissolving the roots as well, in order to lift them from the ground and remove them entirely. Failure to do so could lead to shifting soil in the future or the spreading of disease if your stump was previously infected.

    Storm Damage &
    Emergency Tree Service

    When a severe storm devastates your trees from out of the blue, it helps to have a team on-call to deliver immediate and urgent storm damage and emergency tree services. All you have to do is give us a call on our main service number, and we'll dispatch team members accordingly to safely and securely remove any damaged trees that have to succumb to storm damage.

    Cleveland Tree Trimming
    emergency tree service Cleveland
    Stump Grinding Service Cleveland

    Wood Chipper Service

    Want to upcycle your wood efficiently? With our wood chipper services, you can easily do so! We help you repurpose and revitalize your old or removed tree or tree stump by chipping it into smaller pieces that can then be used throughout your lawn for other purposes. We can help you turn your old wood into mulch that can then be scattered around your flower beds for moisture retention and erosion prevention, as well as chopped into firewood for the colder months.

    Lakewood Tree Service

    If you are located in the Lakewood area, have no fear, as we can bring our professional tree services directly to you. Our ongoing success has allowed us to expand further and bring the same standard of quality tree care to your doorstep that we have done for many years around the Cleveland area. If you're from Lakewood and would like to schedule an appointment, be sure to give us a call on our main service number and let us know you are in Lakewood and would like our tree experts.

    "When looking for the best emergency tree service, I'm so glad a company like Tree Experts of Cleveland is there to save the day! They're so quick and efficient and really helped me out when a tree fell on my back porch after a big storm. I can't thank them enough for helping me out during a time of need!" – John T.

    "I am so thankful that Tree Experts of Cleveland can finally deliver their services to Lakewood. Just moved to Lakewood about three months ago and need to have my trees trimmed for the winter and needed Lakewood tree service but couldn't find a company that compared to them. They're the only ones I trust, and they never try to rip me off with high prices and hidden costs. Always do a great job, and my trees look amazing!" – Stephen G.

    "Our company has been using Tree Experts of Cleveland for years for everything from generic tree service to tree removal, tree trimming, wood chipper services, and even stump removal service. Great prices, nice team, really professional. Definitely recommend!" – Bill R.

    Should I remove a tree close to house?

    It is not recommended that you remove a tree simply because it is close to your house. If the tree poses an immediate threat then it may have to be removed, but if there are just some minor issues or concerns with the trees roots, then we would recommend getting them trimmed instead of removing them completely! For tree removal, we provide competitive pricing.

    How do I know when my trees need trimming?

    Check your yard every month for signs that indicate the trees may need work. If there are dead or dying limbs on any of them and they're close enough together to each other, then you may need to get them trimmed. You'll also want to trim a tree if its shape is becoming unsightly or it's not growing as well as the others in your yard.

    We're not just another tree care company in Cleveland Ohio. We're the smart choice for all your tree service needs...including that tree trimming!

    Contact Us Today

    If you are interested in learning more about our professional tree services Cleveland or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our tree experts, then be sure to get in touch with us today via telephone or email. You can give us a call on the service number that we have provided on our website to speak with a member of our customer service team. If you would like to receive a free quote, you can also do so by filling in the contact form on our homepage, and we will respond to you as soon as possible, via email, with your custom quote.

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