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Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump Grinding Service Cleveland

If you've already removed the tree but are now ready to get rid of the stump, you'll want to invest in professional assistance for stump grinding and stump removal. Tree stumps can be tricky to remove because they're typically very large and heavy and also embedded into the ground by their extended roots. If the tree is older, these roots can be thick and deep, meaning that failure to adequately remove all of the roots can lead to the ongoing growth of them in the future, even after the ground-level stump has been removed.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding in Cleveland, Ohio is done using a professional stump grinding machine that helps shave off the sides and top layers of your stump to keep it at a manageable length and width that you can be comfortable with it. We can effectively grind your stumps down so that they are at an even level with your surrounding landscape and therefore not protruding from the ground, causing a walking or tripping hazard to anyone around you. This will also reduce the overall appearance of the stump, helping it to blend in better with the ground.

Stump Removal

If you are not keen on keeping your stump in place, then we can recommend stump removal services that seek to dissolve the existing roots and safely remove the stump from the ground and haul it away. After removal, your stump will likely leave behind a gaping hole, which we can then fill in with new soil and grass seeding to promote fresh growth. You can choose what to do next with your stump, whether you want to send it through the wood chipper or have it chopped for firewood, and we will assist you on the next steps so that your stump can be upcycled for further use.

Root Dissolving

When it comes to removing a stump, it is incredibly important to dissolve the roots because the roots are embedded in the ground and continue to grow even after the stump has been removed. When the roots continue to grow underneath the ground, they can cause the soil to shift and shift anything above ground as well. Dissolving the roots and removing them entirely is vital if you plan on building on top of the area where the stump once was or if you anticipate planting future plants there as well.

Land Integrity

Lastly, we want to maintain the beauty, health, and overall integrity of your landscape and the land surrounding your tree. When a stump is removed, it will leave behind a large hole that will need to be filled with fresh soil that is rich in nutrients and can then produce new growth and better assimilate with the rest of the lawn. Leaving behind an open hole can be a potential hazard and can eventually lead to water pooling or pest infestation. To avoid these problems, we fill the gap with high-quality soil and that is ready to integrate with the rest of your landscape. We can also seed the soil so that new growth is ready to sprout.

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