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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Cleveland Tree Trimming

In order to keep your trees well-groomed and looking fantastic throughout the year, you will definitely want to consider regular tree trimming and pruning services. Tree trimming and pruning services are designed to give your trees a light, but healthy, cut from time to time so that your trees can continue to prosper with fresh growth but maintain the size and shape that you desire most. We recommend regular tree trimming and pruning for larger trees that expand across your landscape or are located near your home or commercial property to ensure that they do not interfere with your roof or windows.

Seasonal Tree Trimming

Seasonal tree trimming is a great way to stay on top of your trees' health and keep them more manageable throughout the year. We offer professional tree trimming in Cleveland OH at any time of year but typically recommend trimming and pruning your trees when your trees are either in dire need of removing dead or decaying limbs, as well as when your trees are dormant in the winter. This allows you to better see what branches or limbs need to be removed since they will be bare after the fall, and jumpstart them with new growth during the spring when the trees awake for the new season.

Healthy Tree Pruning

Simply trimming or pruning your trees is not enough to promote new growth, as it is also important to ensure that your timing is correct and that the right sections of your tree's limbs are cut and removed. Pruning your trees too far down or at the wrong time of year can result in dying limbs or failure to promote new growth. If your trees are pruned too far, you may notice bare spots or more sparse sections of your tree's crown when the new growth does eventually sprout. To avoid this, our team can assist with your tree pruning to ensure that your tree's crown is full while your trees themselves remain healthy.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction refers to thinning out and trimming back the crown on your trees. The crown is made up of the growth that extends off of your limbs and forms a cap on the top of your trees. When the crown becomes too dense or full, you may find more debris scattered around your landscape and less visibility. Reducing the crown will also make your tree debris more manageable come fall time.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is done by raising the crown of the tree so that more visibility and natural light can reach other areas of your landscape. When your tree's crown is too thick and dense, it can cause excessive shading and prevent natural light from reaching other plants and trees. Lifting the crown up further from the ground will open up the area beneath the tree and reduce the shading, offering more sunlight to reach surrounding areas of the tree. Crown lifting is also necessary if your trees' crowns interfere with areas around your infrastructure, such as your windows, roof, gutters, or chimney.

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