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Wood Chipper Service

wood chipper service

Wood chipper services are available throughout our Cleveland OH area to help you get the most value and use out of your wood for as long as possible. Even if you need to remove a tree because it is inconvenient or in the way, this does not mean that the tree itself should go to waste. When we remove trees of all shapes and sizes, we try to recycle the remaining wood from the trees by turning them into firewood or wood chips. This is a great way to reuse an existing and salvageable material for a new purpose.

Reusing Old Wood

Reusing old wood ensure that you are not disposing of valuable wood materials that can later be used for an alternative purpose. If your wood is salvageable and in healthy condition, we will try to reuse as much of it as possible by sending it through our wood chipper that then regurgitates the wood into smaller pieces that can be used in and around your landscape. Reusing old wood helps upcycle your unwanted trees without completely disposing of them unnecessarily. We highly recommend utilizing your old wood for a new purpose around your lawn or within your home.

Wood Chipping

Wood chipping is done by inserting several branches or a large log into our wood chipper and adjusting the settings so that the wood is cut into smaller pieces that can be used in your garden or around your landscape. Wood chips have a variety of purposes, including mulch to hold moisture and nutrients in your landscape, as well as adding smoked flavor and taste to your barbeque. By letting us know what you'd like to do with your wood, once it has been upcycled, we can then assist by adjusting the setting on the wood chipper so that your wood pieces fit accordingly for whatever project you have in mind next.


As mentioned previously, reusing your old wood is a great way to upcycle your old trees without disposing of them entirely and getting the most use as possible out of the healthy wood. It is an eco-friendly solution that enables you to have a more practical use for your wood if the trees did not serve such a purpose. We are committed to providing eco-friendly solutions to all of our clients and also only utilize the salvageable and healthy wood that we remove from any of your trees during the tree removal process. If you have diseased trees, the deteriorating wood from these trees will not be used for your wood chipping, as we only make use of the healthy wood.


Another way that you can upcycle your wood from any trees that you have recently had removed is to chop the tree stumps and branches into reusable firewood. We can cut the wood into logs that fit perfectly into your fireplace. These logs are then stacked and covered accordingly so that you have easy access to them during the wintertime or when you need them most.

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